bird of prey • n. a predatory bird, distinguished by a hooked bill and sharp talons and belonging to the order Falconiformes (the diurnal birds of prey) or Strigiformes (the owls); a raptor.

Birds of Prey is a jewelry atelier born from Native American, Spanish and English descent, mixing modern with traditional design and processes to create heirloom quality pieces. Maintaining the heritage of these craftspeople, while planning for the future, every effort is made to use recycled and environmentally friendly materials.


Taught to sew by my grandma, I worked in and around fashion and textiles for years. Life took a turn a few years back and a change was needed. I'd always dabbled in jewelry making, but I wanted more.

My grandfather was Yaqui and took on metalsmithing as a young man. I have and covet two of the pieces he made and wore. So when that turn came, I found my way into doing the same, taking what he had taught me and extending that with the Graduate Jeweler program at GIA. Birds of Prey is my way of honoring him and our people (I am personally not federally registered). 

There is nothing I have done in my life that I fancy more than metalsmithing. The items made here at Birds of Prey are entirely made by hand. Ideas are drawn out and revised, metal melted, poured, rolled, cut, hammered, soldered, polished and so on. In doing this, no two pieces will ever be alike, even if they're the same design, making yours one of a kind. Every piece is a little part of me sent out into the world for others to enjoy!

You can see the process here.